Oona Chanel Unravels What Drives The Classically Trained Designer’s Dedication To His Craft It’s not hard to see why Alexandre Vauthier is a darling of the fashion industry, exclusive couture clients, and celebrities alike. His designs strike that perfect, almost unattainable balance of being both timeless and refreshing. The silhouettes are intentional but not forced; […]

Luxurious Hideaway one that you need to experience, Oberoi Al Zorah

There is a world, just 25 minutes away from the frenzy of Dubai’s international airport, where ancient olive trees take root, and colorful bougainvillea climb sea-salted walls. Where modern architecture and design meet the soothing sound of the ocean, and green mangroves stretch as far as the eye can see. The land is called Al […]

“I Don’t Like You Very Much” by Monica Bonvicini

Monica Bonvicini’s exhibition for Kunsthaus Graz is centered on themes at the core of the artist’s research: an examination of architecture, literature, and the construction of sexual and gender identity. Following the show at OGR in Turin, the large-scale architectural sculpture “As Walls Keep Shifting” is presented in Graz in a state of complete but […]


Luxurious Hideaway one that you need to experience, Oberoi Al Zorah

“I Don’t Like You Very Much” by Monica Bonvicini

DONNA KARAN – Adroit of Style

The Enduring Design Legend Reveals Why The Feminine Form Is Her Ultimate Inspiration. Has there been a designer more attuned to what women really want–not what brands want to sell them–than Donna Karan? Focused on creating the perfect cut, the designer is a driving force in how the career woman can work her own aesthetic […]

DIANE PERNET – Arbiter of Style

The Founder Of ASVOFF Tells Us How The Convergence Of Fashion And Film Has Re-Ignited Creativity In Style Culture. “Fashion should somehow be the protagonist in the film, but that doesn’t mean it should overpower the film” – Diane Pernet  The communication of fashion, at its very best, is an aesthetic communication of a unique […]


The Inimitable Powerhouse On Why We Are Living In The Greatest Possible Moment In History.  There are few more inspirational figures in that contemporary paradigm than Aimee Mullins. Aimee has been a global ambassador for L’Oreal for seven years and her achievements are countless beyond the realm of fashion. Born with a condition that meant […]


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New York – HILARY

January 1, 2021

True Faith – AJAK

January 2, 2021

Ray Of Sunshine – AYMELINE

January 3, 2021

Mayonnaise – KATLIN

January 4, 2021

Letter from the Editor


Print is dying, so is luxury fashion. Especially now with these challenging times! Or is it?

How did AUTHOR begin its journey?

Who are we? What are we? Most importantly, what do we stand for? Let me take you back to a time when magazines were the pinnacle of glamour, and all that was printed was done so with thought and consistency. The pages mattered, and so did everything that was on them!

I’m sure you can remember a time when you read all the articles inside your favorite publication and were inspired by the incredible pictures that were beautiful enough to hang on your wall?

Oh, did you not love that time? I truly did! Remember the joy of picking up a freshly printed magazine – ah the smell of the fresh print and the excitement of the upcoming season of fashion with the beautifully crafted clothes, amazing photographers shooting breathtaking images of the collections, and each one of them telling stories of possibilities in gorgeous garments.

Fashion editors picked these so carefully with their editors and so the whole experience of print was exciting, enchanting, and so beautiful, no matter what season or who shot what. Yes, there were a lot of the same iconic photographers with those iconic models and those iconic designers, but it was so amazing to watch. Everyone was supporting one another.

AUTHOR is the number one Fashion Magazine community that wants to feel that excitement of fresh print again— Storytelling motivated by inspiring others and taking pride in our craft and community of talented and passionate people. Whether that is through fashion, art, or iconic interviews, we want to feel connected as a community. Mahatma Gandhi said to ‘be the change you want to see in the world,’ so this is what we are doing.

AUTHOR is choosing to unfollow fashion since it’s not the fashion that matters per se; it’s the heart that we put into it. As everyone in the creative, art, fashion, or beauty industry always immerses themselves into their passion, so it is the role of AUTHOR to bring feeling back to the printed page. As we were putting this website together for you to dive deep in AUTHOR world, It becomes clear how important the validation for the most talented and genuinely creative individuals within our industry. We needed a space and platform to support our most creative peers that would also be inspirational for us, an area that unifies, connects, and, most Of all, inspires. We should always seek to elevate, connect and help one another as we are all in this together. One missing component can ruin the ‘picture’ as we all know.

With Love OONA


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