Tom Ford

Spring 2021 Ready to Wear

Pictures by Tom Ford


Tom Ford Gives us ’70s Glam With Modern Leisurewear at a Time When We Need it Most

Tom Ford was feeling heavy moving into this season, like most of the world. The weight of the pandemic and the social injustices ripping through our country fell mightily on the shoulders of the current Chairman of the CFDA, who unexpectedly had to become a leader and a voice for equality in the midst of a quarantine, while also dealing with the production shut down of his previous collection. It was an indomitable load to bear and yet he did so with patience and quiet determination, helming A Common Thread, the CFDA-Vogue fundraising effort to benefit fashion-related businesses affected by the COVID-19 shutdown, as well as creating an in-house employment program within the CFDA specifically designed to place black talent in all fields of the industry, and implementing mentorships and diversity training for all members. 

On top of all that, Ford also decided to move forward with a new collection for the Spring 2021 season, because, after all, he is Tom Ford. With the weight of the world bearing down upon all of us, Ford knew that he needed to create clothes that would spark joy, and present them in a similar manner. He opted out of a live show this season, instead, providing a look-book, photographed by himself, of models Makala Johnson and Marjan Jonkman channeling the joyous ’70s glam of Pat Cleveland and Donna Jordan. The ’70s have long since been a source of inspiration for Ford, who imitated several of his past looks from his Gucci heyday of the mid-’90s in the form of button-down shirts opened to the navel, fishnet stockings, and hip-hugging pants sporting elastic waistbands embossed with “Tom Ford”, that are sure to be scooped up and swallowed by every Real Housewife from coast to coast. 

Animal prints were vibrant on flowing dresses, relaxed pants, and shirts, while electric florals popped on casual blazers and day dresses. Luxe caftans appeared in tie-dyed pink, blue, and green atop string bikinis. Faces were painted in electric blue eye shadow and hot pink lips, which framed the million-watt smile of Makala Johnson, whose energy and joy in each frame is exactly the mood we need to make it to the new year. 

Written by Elizabeth Kramsky


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