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Fall 2020 Ready to Wear

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Show-stopping Glamour From Coast to Coast 

Is there anything more glamorous than a Tom Ford show? Not when the show moves to LA, on Oscar’s weekend, with a front-row filled by JLo, A-Rod, Miley, Kylie, and an array of other first name celebs. Ah, LA. The laid-back, effortlessly cool, yet just as expensive cousin to New York. The joint vs. the martini; the year-round nipple baring vs. the seasonal coat; the caftan clad Malibu pier vs. South Street or Chelsea, you get the point. 

Ford brought high/low glam to new heights pairing sleeveless boxy sweatshirts with mid-calf length skirts, billowing printed chiffon with slouchy grey sweatpants, patchwork denim with navel baring logo tops, jewel-toned slouchy turtlenecks toped floor-length sequined skirts, all punctuated with oversized feather earrings grazing the clavicles of stoic first name only models such as Kendall, Bella, Gigi and Binx (so LA). 

Of course, the high/low theme eventually segued into show-stopping Hollywood glam appearing on Bella Hadid in a breathtaking shining silver dress, slit from neck to navel, and held together with strategically placed black bows, and then the lace, oh the lace! Something so timeless and overused somehow made modern and new under Ford’s manipulation. Skintight gowns with exposed undergarments (or lack thereof), adorned by bows, slashed across chests, and finally appearing in stark white in the shape of a Tom Ford bride, a somewhat surprising end to the show, yet still, a dress every girl from LA to New York would trade an Oscar to wear. 

Written by Elizabeth Kramsky


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