Ready to Wear

FW 2020



It is sometimes difficult to tell collections from The Row apart. Sure there are short sleeves for Spring and long coats for Fall, but the sentiment is always the same. Baggy, yet tailored. Elegant, yet edgy enough to be interesting. Could be seen on an Upper East Side matriarch out walking her King Charles Spaniel, or worn by a downtown tenured NYU English professor. The point is, designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson never try to break the mold with The Row. They know exactly what their brand is and shy away from trends. Loud prints? Layers of tulle? Sheer dresses with exposed undergarments? Not here, no, thank you. And that is exactly the kind of mutual respect the brand has for its customers and fan base that keeps them coming back season after season. 

There is a couture feeling to The Row. The simplicity of the garments lets the quality shine. Every luxe material, precise line and layer is thoughtful without being excessive. Model Gigi Hadid opened the Fall 2020 Ready to Wear show with a gorgeously bare face, adorned by loose grey suit pants and matching button up vest, covered by a grey suit jacket, sleeves bunched up to the elbows, and soft grey gloves extending up the arm, completing the monochromatic look. Jackets were loose and effortless, quietly grazing the floor. Bags were soft, pillowy leather clutched to the chest of models. The color palette was neutral; grey, brown, black, and white with two small pops of blue appearing on a button down shirts, one half covered by a long coat, the other peeping out as a collar underneath a black vest. 

This show marked the 10th anniversary of The Row’s first New York Fashion Week show, and in that time the brand has become iconic for its luxurious simplicity. It’s customer base is fiercely loyal, not because they need another loosely tailored suit for fall, but because The Row consistently delivers the quality and consistency that people crave, especially in a market oversaturated with trends and collaborations.  


Elizabeth Kramsky