Fall 2020 Ready to Wear

Pictures by Moschino


Was it pure Moschino? Without a cake-eating doubt.


The influence was obvious as the first model made her way down the Moschino runway for Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2020 Ready to Wear collection. The sky-high Pouf, the mile-wide hips, the intricate embroidery, the boot laces extending up the legs; Marie Antoinette, welcome to 2020. With his intentions fully stated in the opening look, Scott was able to transport us to a time a pure indulgence, of feasts of cake, of fantasies without the political strife. This was a collection to make us smile, to escape the never-ending barrage of bad news, to allow us a moment of beauty and fun before returning to the chaos of the real world.

Of course, this being Moschino, the pre- French Revolution looks were updated with denim, leather, chains, and logos. Denim was shown in embroidered jackets, booty shorts, capris, and skirts sporting the aforementioned mile wide hips, perhaps not a look easily translated to the street, yet there were many wearable pieces. Leather jackets were paired with dangling Moschino logo belts and shoulder-grazing statement earrings, one with an M, the other a peace sign. Frocks of pure happiness appeared as literal cake dresses made their way down the runway, a clear reference to (don’t make us say it). Tiered pieces in pastel colors with white frosting bounced along topped with the ubiquitous pouf hair. All things feminine were glorified. The colors! The florals! the puffy sleeves and tulle accents!

There were a few pieces that served as palette cleansers from the overly saccharine offerings. Traditional denim jeans were paired with a corset top. An oversized button-up shirt was printed with blue and white Anime characters made to look like Asian pottery, and was worn as a dress. The print also appeared on a casual day dress and moto vest. There was a grey zip-up sweatshirt with ruffled shoulder accents that reminded us what century we were in, despite Scott’s effort to make us forget. Was the entire collection wearable? No. Was it pure Moschino? Without a cake-eating doubt.


Written by Elizabeth Kramsky



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