Emerging from a large blue entryway with smoke and to the beat of a distant sound and music that can only be described as suspense, Del Core’s first look set the tone for the entire collection. A short high neck dress in a deep brown with side embellishment in the same fabric that resembled petals was paired with knee-high boots in beige. The outfit that followed: a plunging-v crop top and high wasted pants, also in brown, was equally powerful. Elegance was at the forefront of this collection, and as the looks passed by, it was palpable that, no matter the occasion, the Del Core woman wants to bring glamour to every room she enters. The young designer has an eye for color and proportions, as his placement of ruffles and embroidery was always flattering, but most of all, it was the smallest details such as the combination of the short yellow tassels on the slip dress that kept the collection interesting. The neon green coat, paired with tie-dye floral print, was nothing short of impeccable. But

saying that Del Core was inspired by spring and its flowers would be an understatement! However, he converted something that is often seen as banal into printed garments that were both electrifying and sensual. In fact, the Del Core woman was a graceful walking flower, especially when she was seen wearing the gigantic petal headpieces in lime green, or in the white and dark fated purple. Salient was the off-white long-sleeve chiffon dress that cascaded into a bright yellow, almost as if it was a blooming flower, from top to bottom as the neckline was made of the juxtaposition of precisely cut chiffon fabric. The flower-petal appliqué on the two-piece red top and long pencil skirt was one for the books, especially when the same technique was applied on a green suit, but this time small pieces that looked like delicate petals.

Daniel Del Core is a young designer, who we’re certain is a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Every look and every minute of the collection was intentional and purposeful. We loved the simplicity of the wet locks matched with a flawless but memorable make-up look, as the models wore bold blue or yellow eye-shadow right under their eyes.

– Anne-Isabelle Saint-Pierre


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