Comme des Garçons Homme Plus

Ready To Wear SS 2021

Photos by Comme des Garçons Homme Plus

The Tin Man

 Rei Kawakubo shields her man in a suit of stitches and metal


Rei Kawakubo named her Spring 2021 collection for Comme des Garçons Homme Plus “Metal Outlaw”, and as the first model appeared from behind a curved wall in the brand’s Tokyo headquarters, it was easy to see that her inspiration was literal, a slight departure from the typical whimsy and interpretive designs for which Kawakubo is known. The model emerged in a shiny silver suit, with haphazard hemlines that will continue throughout the collection, and a mad scientist wig of silver hair stretching toward the ceiling.

The silver continued to weave its way through the collection, which was compiled of skinny suits, A-line skirts, an array of jackets, and baggy shorts. A black motorcycle jacket accented with red stripe stitching, tuxedo jackets shown with silver lapels, and several suit coats were layered – large on the bottom, with a smaller layer on top in different colors and buttons all askew.

The live show was presented in front of a small, select audience, while colorful images of work by the Brazilian artist and photojournalist Alberto Bitar were projected across the clothes and white backdrop, making Kawakubo’s silvers burst and dance. It was a joyous sight to see, aspirational of a future we all desire at the moment, one full of color, humor, and the strength of metal encircling us, making us strong and resilient, not to mention well dressed.


By Elizabeth Kramsky